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Rentals with 1 to 4 bedrooms, with or without sanitary facilities:

Our rental accommodations have been chosen with care and offer different facilities and finishing details. The accommodations and materials are changed when necessary and are perfectly kept and cleaned by our staff.

The ‘Duos’ are exclusively reserved for couples, with 2 types of equipment to choose from.

The 2-bedroom Economique rentals are suitable for a family holiday, with modern design and comfort, with or without sanitary facilities.

The 2-bedroom Confort rentals are spacious and perfectly equipped, with extra facilities for even more comfort.

The ‘Grands Espaces’ are luxury rentals with excellent facilities, set on spacious plots. The ideal accommodations for a stay with family or friends.

Duo rentals
Two bedrooms Economique
Two bedrooms Confort
Rentals ‘Grands Espaces’